We regret to inform you that after much deliberation that GITCA will be closing down over the next few months

Since GITCA’s formation in October, 2008, which included working to provide a collaboration platform for IT professionals and, at Microsoft’s request, assist Microsoft with its messaging and services to the IT community, much has changed.  Social media has proliferated to the extent that the IT community has multiple avenues through which to communicate and support each other, and connect directly with Microsoft. In addition Microsoft has expanded its direct services to the community. Consequently, whilst GITCA has fulfilled its purpose in serving the community, it has become increasingly less necessary over the past year.

The current members of GITCA will be receiving a formal communication via email regarding the above. The communication is the first step in the shutdown process as governed by the Society Act of the Province of British Columbia, Canada where GITCA is incorporated. 

We wish to thank all who have assisted, supported and encouraged us over the past 7 years. In particular we would like to thank the Board Members and other volunteers around the world for their outstanding commitment and ideas. Starting, growing and running an all volunteer international organization is a major achievement and we should all be very proud of what has been accomplished.