Representing over 1100 member organizations and over 5.3 million IT professionals in over 95 countries, GITCA is the world's largest international not-for-profit independent organization powered by dedicated volunteers devoted to the development and growth of the IT community by providing services to support leaders and connect user groups, associations, and student IT organizations. GITCA stands committed to the free exchange of resources, ultimately elevating the status of the IT Professional both in their industry and in the community.

  • Elevating the Status of the IT Professional
  • Providing recognition for service and volunteerism
  • Making connections and exchanging resources and user group best practices
  • Catalyst for your skills and career growth
  • Bringing the volunteer IT Community together
  • Providing essential no charge services to leaders of IT associations, user groups and student groups

The Structure

GITCA is governed by dedicated volunteers from the IT Pro community. The principal governing body is the 11 member (10 voting + 1 non-voting) Global Board [GB] supported by Regional Boards [RB’s] representing the 4 main geographic regions North America [NORAM], Latin America [LATAM], Europe, Middle East & Africa [EMEA] and Asia Pacific [APAC]. Each of the Chairs of the RB’s sits on the GB.

To apply for membership in GITCA please go to the Join Us page.


Being the Keystone in the Computing Ecosystem for supporting the successful growth, development, technical education, community service, and influence of IT Professionals, user groups and associations.


  • Devoted to progressing the IT Professional’s skills, careers and successful management of change by continuously sharing expansive research and technical guidance from our broad range of alliance members, partners, sponsors, IT industry associations and standards bodies.
  • Committed to foster and advance collaborations between IT Professionals worldwide.
  • Help develop both offline & online communities to support the needs of member organizations in their mission of delivering value to their members.
  • GITCA’s leadership and members play an important role representing over 5 Million members as the “Voice of the IT Professional” in publications,conferences/forums/podcasts, keynotes and presentations, special appointments and engagements with IT industry standards bodies and associations.

Communications and the role of GITCA

Clear two-way communication is vital if the needs of the community are to be understood and acted upon. The role of GITCA is to provide a collective voice for the community when communicating with strategic partners, business, industry, governments, academia, media, and internationally.

The current principal means of communication to the community are via newsletters, email messages and social media covering specific topics and announcements. The volunteers supporting GITCA make best efforts to keep the community informed and in turn, your regular feedback and input is needed. Feedback and input can be provided directly to the GITCA Regional Boards. Please remember that the role of GITCA is to represent YOU to satisfy your needs. That cannot be done without a clear understanding of what those needs are.