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  • Michael Jenkin

    Regional Chair, Asia Pacific [APAC]

    MVP 2004-2008, MCP, MCPS, MCNPS, Small Business Specialist Michael started working in IT in 1990.

    His interest was piqued whilst studying for a Bachelor of Engineering at University and he left his degree to follow IT. He has worked in computer retail, support, wholesale and finally professional services over the many years. He has dabbled as a programmer, written articles for magazines, hosted talkback radio programs with regards to IT problems and volunteered in the community, supporting any IT related cause. Michael is the Director of Business Technology Partners in South Australia. He runs a community based website (www.mickyj.com) where he blogs about IT issues and provides access to advice and links to anti-Malware tools.

    In his time he has held many vendor credentials with AMD, Intel, Trend Micro, Symantec and Microsoft. He has been a member of the Australian Reseller Panel, a Microsoft OEM Partner, Microsoft Preinstallation Specialist, and most recently, retired as a Microsoft MVP (as of January 1, 2009). Michael was the Specialist Technical Reviewer and Expert Critique for the publication "Pro Windows Small Business Server 2003".

    He helped build an IT network to support 12,000 scouts for the national Australian Scout Jamboree and assisted as a volunteer with many other large group functions. Through his community work he has been awarded the premiers award in South Australia, presented by the Governor General (representing the Queen of England). When Michael finds time, he presents for the local IT PRO user groups including the Small Business Server Users Group. He also works with other user groups and community groups including Rotary and Business Groups.

    This has included presenting for Microsoft and travelling overseas. Michael's previous connection with Culminis was on the MVP advisory team. It is because of the potential he observed there that he desired to be a member of the regional board​.