The GITCA Fellows Program

A GITCA Fellow is someone who has already made a distinguished contribution to the IT profession or to the application of IT and has committed to become an advocate for GITCA and its various activities. An advocacy role requires the GITCA Fellow to be fully cognizant of the activities of GITCA and be prepared to advocate on behalf of GITCA as requested and to seek opportunities to advocate on behalf of GITCA. It is expected that Fellows will have contact with major players in industry, governments and international organizations which will provide GITCA with opportunities to get its message across in a wider arena...and in places and times not anticipated by GITCA. The title of Fellow also provides the opportunity for GITCA to recognize the work done by individuals, both through professional associations and in other activities in promoting IT professionalism and the objectives of GITCA.

 A GITCA Fellow is not an officer of GITCA as a result of having the title conferred upon him or her but is not barred from being an officer if so elected.

Distinguished contribution means a notable, recognized and positive influence within the IT profession or the application of IT, above and beyond normal expectations. The following guidance is an example of a claim of distinguished contribution which would be in one or more of these areas:

  •  An emphasis on leadership and going above and beyond what is normally expected from a person in his/her position.
  •  A deep understanding of a particular industry, emerging technologies, and implications for business; initiatives on the development of professionalism; is widely recognised nationally or internationally as a leader within industry.
  • Has contributed to the profession or application of IT at a national and international level.

 A GITCA Fellow may use the title FGITCA as a post-nominal.

More information about the GITCA Fellows program and the nomination and approval process can be found via GITCA Fellows Program.

Nominations for the GITCA Fellows program MUST be submitted using the GITCA Fellows Nomination Form or they will not be accepted.

Stephen Ibaraki was recognied as the first GITCA Fellow at the August 2011 GITCA Global Board meeting. His nomination profile can be found here.