GITCA Member Organizations consist of the following types:

  • Community based IT User Groups.
  • Community based IT Associations.
  • Student IT Groups.
  • Industry Associations.
  • Professional Associations

Together they constitute the GITCA Federation of Members. Although each type of Member Organization has their own specific focus they all share some common traits:

  • They are collections of like-minded individuals who get together either in person or virtually to discuss topics that are relevant to them and the IT industry.
  • They work to develop the relevance and effectiveness of the IT industry as a whole.
  • They work to develop the careers of IT Professionals through:
    • Increasing financial stability by providing access to expert career guidance and networking opportunities.
    • Increasing job security by providing access to training on leading edge IT skills needed by the marketplace.
    • Building a sense of community by providing a collaborative environment through which knowledge and experience can be exchanged.
    • Increasing self-esteem by recognizing and acknowledging accomplishment in both the workplace and the community.
    • Encouraging personal and professional growth by providing learning challenges and promoting the concept of “lifelong learning”.


The Strength and Unity of Community

Member organization

Specifically, it is estimated that there are over 100,000 community-based User Groups and Associations around the world. They have proven very valuable in providing feedback on products and services to IT solution providers essentially providing a vehicle for change. In addition many participate in community projects by providing free hardware, software and computer consulting services to schools and non-profit organizations.