APRIL 2009 [Volume 1, Issue 4]

Form and List

  • Global and Regional Board Elections for FY10

    You may have just received or will soon receive requests for nominations, via email, for the open volunteer positions on the Culminis Global and Regional Boards. To allow staggering of board positions, ensure the whole board does not change in any one year, and to ensure continuity and proper succession planning, not all board positions will be open for elections in any given year.

    Your nominations MUST be received by no later than May 11th at 11:59 PM local time. You should receive 2 emails, one regarding the Global Board and the other regarding the Regional Board for your region. The nomination and overall election process, and details for each open position are explained in the emails. The overall election schedule is as follows:

    • Request for nominations for open positions for both the Global and Regional Boards - April 17
    • Closing date for nominations - May 11, 11:59 PM local time
    • Voting - June 1 to June 15
    • Publication of voting results and formal notification and welcome of successful candidates - July 15

    Please contact your Microsoft Regional Lead (see the end of this newsletter) if you have any questions.

  • TechEd North America 2009 – May 11 – 15

    Together with the Microsoft team, Culminis has been putting in massive amounts of work to make sure that there are useful and exciting things for you to do at TechEd. There are meetings, parties, competitions, sessions, events and more for you to take part in. If you aren’t attending, there are still going to be all sorts of ways you can take part in TechEd virtually.

    Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) Sessions

    Birds-of-a-Feather sessions are open discussions on developer, IT Pro and general topics of mutual interest to TechEd attendees. They give you the opportunity to meet people with similar interests and challenges and to have useful dialog with them about the issues that really affect you in your daily life. These sessions are managed by your user group organizations and run by third party experts. They are intended to encourage everyone to fully contribute. There are 36 sessions covering a wide range of topics, picked from suggestions made by the TechEd attendees and carefully chosen by a combined Culminis and INETA team. TechEd attendees vote for those BOF sessions that they like. Last year the BOF sessions received really excellent review scores. So attending some of the Birds of a Feather sessions is a great use of your time.

    Since BOF voting is complete, if you have submitted a BOF session and your session has been accepted you should have been informed by now. Culminis would like to thank everyone who submitted IT Pro BOF session ideas and congratulate those whose sessions were accepted. For those who didn’t make it, it doesn’t mean that your efforts are not appreciated or your submissions less than worthwhile. It simply isn’t possible to accommodate all of the sessions and making the choices is the hard part. There is always next year and we want to encourage you to keep sending your ideas. We would also like to thank the Culminis volunteers who have spent many hours reviewing submissions and working with the BOF session leaders to put together a great schedule of events this year.

    Community Lounge

    • Culminis has a booth in the Community Lounge area and there will be lots going on there. Culminis and Microsoft leadership will be at the booths all the time the Community Lounge is open. We are VERY keen to meet you and hear what ideas and comments you have about the user group community. Tell us how we can help you. Tell us how you can help us. Tell us what makes your UG work well and what doesn’t.
    • Come and join us for competitions, some great fun and win prizes. Be warned – you might just have to make yourself look silly to win!
    • Want to help out with making user groups and the IT Community a success? Although there will be a list of Culminis volunteer opportunities at the booth all offers of help are most welcome.

    Bringing TechEd to You

    In these tough economic times it’s not possible for everyone to go to TechEd. So Microsoft and Culminis are going to do what we can to bring TechEd to you. We will be blogging, twittering, posting pictures and videos, basically doing all we can to bring you as much of the flavor of TechEd as possible. We will let you know where to go for this soon.

  • Microsoft Community Commentary (Graham Watson, Microsoft User Group Relationship

    New UGSS Event Content

    • ADD-319 Managing Windows Server 2008 Using Server Manager
    • SRV-303 Monitoring Windows Server Systems
    • SRV-304 Managing Windows Server Systems for Midsize Organizations

    Working Closely with Culminis to make TechEd a Success

    Microsoft is working closely with Culminis to make your TechEd experience rewarding, stimulating and fun. Visit the Culminis booth in the Community Lounge and meet with your peers, the volunteers running Culminis.

    User Group Meeting at TechEd

    Although we can’t announce details yet, we are working with some of the local Los Angeles user groups so that there is a user group meeting close to the center that the TechEd attendees can attend. This will be a great opportunity for people who haven’t been part of the user group community to experience a meeting for themselves. If you are going to be at TechEd, please do go along to this meeting and add your support.

    Microsoft User Group Survey

    Many of you completed the Microsoft user group survey earlier this year. Come to the Culminis booth and you can find out what we found out. If you didn’t complete the survey, it’s not too late – you will be able to do so at the booth.

    Want to Connect with Others at TechEd?

    In case you don’t know, you can connect with others at TechEd by visiting “TechEd Connect” at http://techedconnect2009.leveragesoftware.com.If you are looking for the official representatives staffing the Culminis and INETA booths or running BOF, look for the “User Group Organization representatives” group.

  • Culminis and UGSS Sponsor Microsoft World Renowned Security Expert’s Canadian Tour

    Culminis and Microsoft’s User Group Support Services (UGSS) are co-sponsoring a 9 User Group tour of Canada in May and June, by world renowned security expert, Kai Axford (CISSP, MCSE-Security). Kai is a member of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Group and an outstanding speaker in constant demand around the world. Kai’s presentation will cover:

    • Windows 7 Security Tidbits
    • Understanding and Preventing Insider Threat

  • System Center Influencers Program

    The Microsoft System Center team is pleased to announce the creation of the System Center Influencers Program permitting user group leads and user group members to:

    • Access key content: Get access to the latest System Center technical training content to help you enhance your expertise. This also includes exclusive user group session content that you can use/present at your user group sessions.
    • Meet experts and peers in the community: Stay connected with System Center -focused events, or let others know about your upcoming events. You can register and find events, as well as request speakers with domain expertise for upcoming meetings.
    • Grow in influence: Learn about new opportunities to lead your community on and offline, find out about other opportunities to get more involved with Microsoft.

    If you are interested, send an email to scnetsup@microsoft.com

  • System Center Community Lounge at MMS 2009

    Are you an active member of the IT systems management community, or want to find out how to become more active? Are you interested in System Center products and solutions?

    Find out more at the System Center Community Lounge at the Microsoft Management Summit <http://mms-2009.com/default.aspx> in Las Vegas April 27th – May 1st 2009, where we will be presenting community programs and resources offered or supported by the Microsoft System Center team, and introducing some important new ones.

    The Community Lounge will be located in the registration area. Stop on by and find out what types of resources we are developing to support user groups, influencers, and the community at large. For more information on the Community Lounge at this year’s MMS—or any of our community initiatives—send a email to scnetsup@microsoft.com.

  • Carry over 100 IT reference books with you anytime with one click

    Microsoft Press has developed a virtual library for IT professionals who want to learn about Microsoft products and related technologies. To learn more about the E-Reference Library please click here:


    You can also watch the demo: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/multimedia/about/eref.wvx.

    The IT Pro library lets you search across over 100 technology books (New books are added every month!) published by Microsoft Press with one click to locate just the information you are looking for – by topic, code fragments, problems, etc. You can also create your personal bookshelf, bookmark, make notes, and download up to five chapters per month.

    Culminis members are entitled to 25% discount on the 12-month subscription to the IT Professional Library. Follow the link http://www.microsoft.com/learning/books/ereference/ITpro/

  • Stephen Ibaraki Interviews (Chair of the Culminis Global Board)

    Last month we featured Steve Teicher.This month we feature Barbara Liskov who is the 2008 ACM Turing Award Recipient and heads the Programming Methodology Group in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT, where she has conducted research and has been a professor since 1972.

  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP’s) - Independent Experts, Real World

    This month’s interview in the MVP series is with Lee Benjamin, Exchange Server Architecture MVP. Not only is Lee an MVP but he is one of our Culminis colleagues, holding the position of Secretary on the Culminis Global Board. He is also one of three Culminis volunteers working very hard to make BOF at TechEd another huge success. The IT community certainly owes a lot to Lee. To find out more about the MVP Program please visit http://mvp.support.microsoft.com.

  • Do You Shape IT? Let Microsoft Help You

    Did you check out YouShapeIT last month? If not you missed all kinds of useful stuff. Be sure to check out the April edition which focuses on Security. There are interviews with many notable experts including Kai Axford who is a Senior Security Strategist in Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Group. Kai is featured elsewhere in this newsletter. Take the time to mine the depths of the great practical advice and insight.

  • Regional Contacts

    RL = Microsoft Regional Lead RC = Culminis Regional Chair

    RL Paul Hailey
    Vicki Rodas
    Emilio Mansur
    Jose Bonnin Sanjay Shetty
    RC Russell Clements Jose Espinoza Landa Thomas Lee Ashwin Kini