MARCH 2009 [Volume 1, Issue 3]

Form and List

  • UGSS (User Group Support Services)

    Did you register with User Group Support Services (UGSS) yet? Sign up now and get access to a whole range of valuable and useful services.

    Register your user group now at UGSS.CODEZONE.COM

  • TechEd North America 2009 Birds-of-a-feather (BOF) Sessions – Los Angeles, May 11

    Please vote for the submitted BOF topics that you most want to see as sessions at TechEd North America 2009. Visit the BOF voting site often, as new sessions are posted as they are reviewed and approved.

    Still debating if you will attend TechEd in Los Angeles? The product session content is now available on the TechEd Web site to help you with your decision. The Session Catalog tool on the site allows you to search and sort through the Breakout Sessions, Pre-conference Seminars, and Interactive Theater discussions.

  • Stephen Ibaraki Interviews (Chair of the Culminis Global Board)

    Last month we featured the first in a series of interviews of ICT industry notables conducted by Stephen Ibaraki. Last month’s interview was Professor Dame Wendy Hall.This month we feature Steve Teicher, another industry icon. The complete list of interviews is available on the Culminis web site at: Interviews.

  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP’s) - Independent Experts, Real World

    Starting this month we feature the first of a series of MVP interviews conducted by Stephen Ibaraki. If you want to know more about the MVP Program please visit http://mvp.support.microsoft.com.This month’s interview is with Kerry Brown,Windows Desktop Experience MVP.

  • Do You Shape IT? Let Microsoft Help You

    "Shape your ideas with the right tools"

    The digital world is nothing without you. Whether you are a developer, IT Pro or designer:

    It is your thoughts, knowledge and ideas that shape the digital world. Microsoft supports you with platforms and tools that are designed for your needs."

    Take the time to mine the depths of www.Microsoft.com/YouShapeIT/Technet where each month features a new theme to support you. For March, it is Systems Management. You may also see your fellow community members interviewed each month on the Podcasts Page.

  • Are you an IT Manager looking for info on Microsoft products and technologies?

    The new Microsoft TechNet IT Management Community Hub is a place for you to connect, find IT training resources, and get the information you need. Check out webcasts and podcasts from Industry Leaders, blogs by subject matter experts, community forums and more. Come to the Community Hub for resources that can make your job easier and make you more effective.


  • Connect with your peers at the new IT Management Forum

    Discuss major topics and specific challenges you and other managers at IT organizations face today. Use this open forum to chat, discuss solutions, and share ideas with your peers as well as US IT evangelists Kevin Remde, John Weston, Harold Wong and Dan Stolts.


  • Download the Analytics Report - Unlocking Virtualization: Facing IT, Business Realities

    Virtualization is the sort of game-changing technology that comes around once in decade, but so far its primary use has been to consolidate non-critical applications running on under-utilized servers. While technical decision makers manage the infrastructure on which applications run, it’s line of business managers and corporate executives who must sign off on the bill. While IT executive may be excited about the prospects of running critical applications in a virtualized environment, business leaders may have a different percept on this new technology. In this report, we’ll compare and contrast the perception of business decision makers and technical decision makers on running production applications in a virtualized environment. While our poll will touch on such issues as security and privacy, we will emphasize both IT’s perceived and actual ability to assure performance, stability and availability and provide SLA metrics back to business technology partners.


  • Helping You to Reduce Operational Costs

    Here are some great resources to help you reduce operational costs. Cost reduction is always an ongoing need but never more than in the current economic climate.

    => Spotlight on Cost: Reducing Operational Costs in Your Data Center (Level 100)


    Even in the best of times, IT managers must provide high-quality services on a 24 x 7 basis with limited budgets. Roughly 80% of that budget is spent on operations and maintenance, leaving 20% for IT innovation that contributes to driving business value. This one hour webcast will share best practices derived from research that will help you reduce IT operational cost. Come learn how other companies are reducing costs through virtualization and other server management practices, so that you can get started today.

    => How to Control Costs in Your Branch Infrastructure (Level 100)


    Branch offices (remote locations) are the critical place where business is done; over 80% of employees work in remote locations and for many businesses its where customer interaction occurs. As a company grows, so can the number of branch sites, IT complexity and potentially cost. Microsoft’s Branch Infrastructure Optimization can help organizations balance agility and IT costs through: 1) Virtualization 2) Centralized Management 3) Efficient Network Utilization. Come learn how you can use the Branch Infrastructure Optimization Solution to control IT costs.

    => Spotlight on Cost: How to Prioritize IT Projects to Reduce Costs


    To reduce costs, IT managers have to sift through their organization’s complexity and make difficult trade-offs. Microsoft has shared 31 datacenter management best practices, based on 162 organization’s IT operations. Many of the 31 cost saving best practices are related to three datacenter management principles, automation, integration, and virtualization. This webcast will provide step-by-step guidance on how to select and prioritize IT projects that meet your organization’s unique needs. If you are seeking ways to start reducing costs immediately, increase time to drive business value, and are ready to get started this webcast is a must!

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