OCTOBER 2009 [Volume 1, Issue 10]

Form and List

  • Name Change and Rebranding

    By now you should have received notification about the new name chosen by our members. As of December 1st, 2009 the organization will be known as Global IT Community Association or GITCA. A new logo and associated house colors are being worked on. Technical changes to accommodate the new domain of GITCA are being made. Read more….

  • New Websites Committee

    The committee for specifying, designing and building the new websites has been formed. The team consists of representatives from the community on a wide geographic basis acting as the “client” and SharePoint technical experts from the community acting as the “developers”. Read more….

  • Community Recognition Program

    The efforts of Associations, User Groups and individuals who consistently display excellence in supporting and growing the IT community deserve our heartfelt thanks and some well deserved recognition. Accordingly we will be working on a new Community Recognition Program to be introduced under the GITCA name. Read more….

  • Get Involved!

    Our most sincere thanks to those people who have contacted us offering their help, particularly with technical support. Read more….

  • Free Windows 7 eBook

    Download the New eBook: Deploying Windows® 7 Essential Guidance from the Windows 7 Resource Kit and Microsoft® TechNet Magazine at http://go.microsoft.com/?linkID=9691881. Read more….

  • Operitel eLearning Portal

    Operitel offers a minimum of 50% discount off the regular price of Microsoft eLearning courses for members of GITCA groups. Your members can take advantage of this great offer at http://culminis.itskillbuilder.com.

  • Stephen Ibaraki Interviews of Prominent People in the Industry

    In August we featured Srikantan Moorthy. This month we introduce you to IFIP IP3 Director and Past President of the Computer Society South Africa [CSSA], Moira da Roche. Read more….

  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals [MVP’s] - Independent Experts, Real World Answers

    This month’s interview in the MVP series is with Mitch Garvis, EBS MVP. Mitch is an IT Trainer with a passion for community. Read more….

  • Hear Directly from Microsoft Experts in the Product Groups

    Last month’s feature interview with the Product Groups was Marcus Schmidt, Community Manager, Windows Business Group. This month we introduce you to Matt Valentine, Leading Technology and Solutions Architect. Read more….

  • Your GITCA User Group Benefits

    For information on benefits and how to apply for them please go the Benefits page on the Culminis website.

  • Managing SharePoint Sites

    For information on managing your free hosted SharePoint site [password changes, add users, etc.] please go the Technical Support page on our website.

  • Contacts

    Please now use info@GITCA.org for general inquiries and input.

    Please now use technical@GITCA.org for technical inquiries and technical assistance including requests for new hosted SharePoint sites.

    All responses to this newsletter should be directed to info@culminis.com

    In order to avoid delays in a response, please ensure that you direct your email to the correct address. Culminis Regional Chairs – please direct all inquiries and input which is region specific to the appropriate RC.