Form and List

  • GITCA at Tech·Ed Europe in Berlin, November 8 – 12, 2010

    If you happen to be attending Tech·Ed Europe, in Berlin again this year, please come to our booth and say hello. As we get closer we will keep you updated on our plans. Please note the following:

    Check out the Channel 9 Countdown to TechEd Europe 2010 - a 10 minute behind the scenes peek from the planning committee at Microsoft headquarters.

    Register by 31 August for Only €1,695 + VAT

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  • GITCA at the EMEA MCT Live Summit in York, England, August 25 – 27, 2010

    The MCT Summit is coming up very rapidly. If you are attending please come and visit us in the Community zone of the Exhibition Area on August 26th. Many GITCA volunteers are MCT’s and we appreciate their commitment to the ICT community. Our Global Chair, Graham Jones, will be at the GITCA booth and he is looking forward to chatting with as many people as possible. Marcos Nogueira, MCT [GITCA Regional Chair for EMEA] will also be at the booth.

  • UGSS v3.0 website to launch very soon

    The UGSS website has been completely overhauled and is currently going through final testing with a target release date of August 16.

  • Summary Survey Results

    Our grateful thanks go to those who had the time to complete the recent survey. Due to the length of the survey we knew it was a lot to ask but we received a lot of very useful information. A summary of the survey results can be found here. It will take some time to digest and analyze the many helpful feedback comments which will be published at a later date.

  • The Human Condition

    You are reading this because you generously “give” to the IT community. Without those who unselfishly donate their time, energy and passion to help the IT community grow and prosper there would be no IT community in the sense that we understand it as members of GITCA. So why do we volunteer? Most of you at one time or another must have asked yourself that question especially when things aren’t going well. Running a successful User Group / Association is not an easy task. This Daniel Pink: Drive Video gives some interesting insight as to what motivates us and neatly summarises “community”.

  • New GITCA Websites

    The new GITCA websites will be developed in a series of steps as follows:

    • Convert the existing Office Live website to SharePoint 2010. This is almost complete and following final testing will be made available for public use very soon.
    • Converting to SharePoint will permit us to add new features that aren’t available in Office Live and to take advantage of new features specific to SharePoint 2010. New features will be added over the next few months as resources permit.
    • Initially work will proceed on the public site. It is anticipated that a private site for GITCA member leaders will be added later.

    Your input into what features you would like to see as a priority is requested. We have gathered some useful information from the recent survey but further input from those who didn’t have time to complete the survey would be appreciated. Please email info@GITCA.org with your ideas.

  • Conversion of hosted SharePoint sites to SharePoint 2010

    Following the launch of the new SharePoint 2010 GITCA website we will turn our attention to moving the hosted SharePoint sites to 2010. Clearly we do not want to create any major disruption. So the following approach will be used:

    • Convert all of the sites to SharePoint 2010 for a trial period of 1 month during which the site administrators will be requested to make sure that their site functions correctly.
    • During this time the current version of the site will remain in normal use.
    • Following validation of the correct functioning of the trial conversion to SharePoint 2010 the hosted sites will be converted to 2010 and put into production use.

  • IP3 announces Global Industry Council

    GITCA strongly supports the goals and objectives of IP3, which is a GITCA member organization.

    The support of the international employer community is critical to IP3’s goal of building ICT Professionalism globally. Recognizing this criticality, IP3 is establishing the IP3 Global Industry Council (IP3-GIC) as the principal forum within which leading ICT employers can engage with IP3 and influence the development of the global profession, identify and agree-upon standards, and nurture continuous improvement in alignment of those standards.

    Global Industry Council Directors are specially nominated and invited to serve within the UNESCO-sanctioned body as internationally recognized luminary executives, thought leaders, and visionaries and for their strong history of providing substantive contributions to global business, industry, society, education, and governments.

    The list of IP3-GIC founding members and the profiles of these internationally esteemed individuals can be found at: http://www.ipthree.org/about-ip3/global-advisory-council and the full news release can be found here.

  • IP3 Executive Officer joins Fortune 500 CIOs in China

    Roger Hart, Executive Officer of IP3 was recently invited to join the CIOs from several Fortune 500 companies on a trip to China. The CIOs were clearly impressed by many of the things that the Chinese are doing. The scale at which the Chinese are doing things also impressed the visitors.

    “There are huge opportunities for IP3 in China”, said Hart. Where IP3 can really help is in accrediting professional programs at the upper end of mid-management; those already working at or planning to work at a SFIA Level 5 Responsibility and Accountability Level [also see http://www.ipthree.org/it-standards/professional-it-standard]. Read the full article here.

  • How to get speakers for your User Group meetings - Sanjay Shetty

    13 ways to get speakers for your User Group meetings:

    • Book authors
    • Virtual speakers
    • User Group Associations
    • Influencers
    • Invite local company CEO’s
    • Vendor’s speakers
    • Encourage local speakers amongst your membership
    • Ask your members for speakers they can recommend
    • Other User Group leaders
    • Training companies
    • Contact speakers from large events
    • Local Microsoft DPE team technical evangelists
    • Ask prior speakers for recommendations

    The full article can be found at: http://blogs.communitiesrus.in/communities/2010/07/10/how-to-get-speakers-for-your-user-group-meetings/

  • Best Practices for Cultivating Your Community – Sanjay Shetty

    Nurturing your community is the single most important task a community leader does. There are six key areas which you need to pay special attention to, 1. New members, 2. Acknowledging contributors, 3. Feedback, 4. Transparency, 5. Motivations, 6. Leaders. If you look at your community and its members from the point of view of cultivating relationships, you will automatically utilize these keys. Read More here.

  • Stephen Ibaraki Interviews of Prominent People in the Industry

    Dharmesh Mehta, director of product management for the Windows Live business at Microsoft Corp., is responsible for driving business and product strategy, marketing, business development and evangelism for Windows Live - a suite of free software and services that help people communicate, share, and keep their lives in sync.

    Charles Hughes, International Strategist and Thought Leader, founded eManagement Ltd. in 1999 providing strategic and project services to government and the IT industry. His 43 year career in IT, following a mathematics degree at the University of Manchester, began with ICL where he held various director level appointments. As Project Director with Her Majesty's Government in the 1990's he developed and launched the Information Society Initiative.

    Roger Hart, Chief Executive Officer of IP3, is a founding director of IP3 since 2007 in the roles as Vice-Chair and Chief Financial Officer (2007 to 2009). In June of 2010, Roger Hart represented IP3 at the invitation-only Shanghai CIO Forum for Fortune 500 C-level executives. In July 2010, Roger Hart became a founding director of the IP3 Global Industry Council.