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  • Getting the Word Out – very important

    Although much of the GITCA newsletter content is directed at User Group/Association leaders we also aim to provide some content which is definitely very relevant to your members. Please pass on the newsletter to your members or include the content that you consider relevant/appropriate in your own newsletters or on your website. This is your opportunity to help GITCA to achieve its goal of the development and growth of the IT community and the elevation of the status of the IT Professional.

  • Social Networking

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  • Microsoft Tech·Ed Europe in Berlin, November 8 – 12, 2010

    Just like Tech·Ed North America, Tech·Ed Europe proved to be a success for GITCA. The entire GITCA EMEA Board was present to help run the GITCA booth and the BOF sessions in conjunction with our INETA Europe colleagues. We met many User Group Leaders from Europe and the Middle East and registered new GITCA member groups. We were particularly pleased to make contacts in the Middle East where we would definitely like to engage with more people. As part of a competition we received many useful ideas as to how we can help to make User Groups better. In addition to being close to our INETA colleagues, MCTEUROPE was close by and we all shared in the good atmosphere and fun! See you next year.

  • The new GITCA websites will be developed in a series of steps as follows:

    The new GITCA websites will be developed in a series of steps as follows:

    • Now that the new public website based upon SharePoint 2010 has been launched please provide your feedback at info@GITCA.org.
    • We will begin to prioritize the addition of new features. If there are specific features that you would like to be given a high priority please let us know.
    • At this point there is no firm date for the work to start on a private site for GITCA member leaders.

  • Conversion of hosted SharePoint sites to SharePoint 2010

    Investigation work on the conversion of the hosted SharePoint sites [WSS 3.0] to SharePoint 2010 has started. This is not a straightforward process and no direct conversion tools exist. As soon as we have a better idea of when we can move forward with some surety you will be informed. We understand that many of you are anxious to gain the benefits but we must take a cautious and proven approach. The following process is still anticipated:

    • Convert all of the sites to SharePoint 2010 for a trial period of 1 month during which the site administrators will be requested to make sure that their site functions correctly.
    • During this time the current version of the site will remain in normal use.
    • Following validation of the correct functioning of the trial conversion to SharePoint 2010 the hosted sites will be converted to 2010 and put into production use.

  • New Hosted SharePoint Site Requests

    All new requests for hosted SharePoint sites will be fulfilled using SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Edition. We did consider waiting until the WSS to SharePoint 2010 conversion was complete but since the infrastructure is now available it seemed pointless to go on adding more WSS sites. Further it provides the opportunity to gain valuable experience with SharePoint 2010. Please note that we regret that no specific individual requests for a WSS to SharePoint 2010 conversion can be accommodated.

  • Professional Practice and Industry Update

    Stephen Ibaraki [Past and founding Chair of GITCA] has been out and about spreading the word about GITCA and garnering support for the organization. Stephen has provided the following very informative report on his activities over the past couple of months:

    World Computing Congress (WCC) in Australia (September), User Group Summit Redmond (September), Great-Idea China VIP Delegation (October/November)

    GITCA is receiving worldwide positive branding and a focused acknowledged spotlight as the world’s largest IT alliance. This will engage new members, provide proof of the substantial reach of GITCA and especially to its supporters, provide opportunities for sponsorship and clearly demonstrate a strong global voice to the GITCA worldwide community of executives and professionals who are user members of the alliance. Recent examples are detailed below.

    The IFIP World Computer Congress (WCC) is akin to the Olympics of Computing and has representation from over 50 countries. I was invited to present on IP3 day at the WCC hosted in Brisbane Australia by the Australian Computer Society (see interview with Anthony Wong and Professor K.K. Aggarwal) and Chaired the WCC IP3-day Panel session on Professionalism with the founding directors of the Global Industry Council (IP3-GIC) —the first of its kind and part of the UN-founded IFIP, the UNESCO consultative-body for IT. IP3-GIC Panel participants included: Alex Lin (CEO ChinaValue), Jeff Kempiners (VP Avanade), John Oxley (Director Microsoft Canada), Graham Watson (Head of UGSS Microsoft), Tan Moorthy (VP Infosys), Joanne Wong (Manager Network Academy Cisco) and Jacques Lapointe (Engineering Manager Cisco). GITCA Global Chair Graham Jones and Vice-Chair Ashwin Kini were invited to the panel session and I also spoke on behalf of GITCA. This prominence and global voice is important to GITCA and for its continued growth and relevance.

    The week after the WCC, GITCA and GITCA member, IP3, were invited to the UG Summit in Redmond where I was invited to support GITCA Chair Graham Jones during the summit and in the creation of his formal GITCA presentation which was released to all participants and Microsoft. I served a dual capacity in supporting IP3 as well. This works to illustrate the breadth of GITCA through its members and specifically to Microsoft’s stated goal released during the summit in engaging diverse communities. Moreover Microsoft supports IP3.

    I am now working on follow-up from the “six” (6) global summits, salons (global mini-summits), industry tours that I participated in within China including speeches that I was invited to give. China would be a target for partnerships having taken a number one position in many sectors—this growth will continue to accelerate. In China, I met with GITCA APAC Director-at-large, Cheng Zhang, who articulated his experiences working in China for GITCA. It’s clear from the discussion that it’s critical for GITCA to be “positively” branded and its value demonstrated in China and at all levels including the government. To support this work, all global summit and tour official guides, booklets, and brochures included a description of GITCA and its value and in my speeches, GITCA was branded. As a result of this effort, officials did acknowledge throughout the tour, they could see the value of GITCA and I was approached by corporations about working with GITCA. In addition, GITCA member, IP3, and the IP3-GIC received positive attention throughout the tour supporting the value of GITCA via its alliance members; illustrating GITCA’s importance. In all my speeches and work there was an excellent response and feedback from both the international delegates and local participants. For my speeches and with only a few hours’ notice, I reached out to the Global Industry Council (IP3-GIC) and international authorities for quotes and papers to provide value to the audiences—what was especially noteworthy--all content was provided the same week as the speeches where I could highlight the currency and relevancy of the information and from the world’s best. From the international authorities, I need to thank David O’Leary Chair of the Deans of IT, Leon Strous President of IFIP, John Boufford Past CIPS President, Bruce Cowper Group Manager Microsoft Trustworthy Computing and Expert for SECTOR.CA, Charlie Russel Microsoft MVP, Stacey Cerniuk President & CEO Annex Consulting Group, Moira de Roche Senior VP IP3, Greg Lane Chairman IP3, and Roger Hart CEO of IP3. From the IP3-GIC, a special thank you to Tan Moorthy VP of Infosys, John Oxley Director Microsoft, Graham Watson Head of UGSS Microsoft, Maggie Johnson Director Google & Senior Lecturer Stanford, and Kishore Swaminathan Chief Scientist & Founding Director Technology Labs Accenture. Kishore also provided three outstanding papers to the audience. Their exceptional and outstanding support under tight time lines made the talks receive the highest of ratings.

    Regarding the global summit tour, using their terminology from their letter of invitation, I was part of a contingent of about 40 to 50 invited “special honoured” VIP “distinguished” delegates representing international industry-leading senior executives who were featured at the global summits and toured Shanghai, Kunshan, Hangzhou, Ningbo, and related High-tech parks. I was the only VIP delegate to continue directly from Ningbo to Beijing for the MCCR conference escorted by the President and Director of Great-Idea who organized the tour. You will see interviews with delegates in upcoming issues of the GITCA newsletter—they are pretty amazing professionals!

    While in Beijing I also met with the organizers of the first global CIO forum (World CIO Forum) – to be held in China in November 2011 working with IFIP and supervised by MIIT (Ministry of Industry and IT). CIE (the Chinese Institute of Electronics) is the IFIP society for China which is hosting the event and Co-organized by The People’s government of Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (the innovation center in China). There is an incredible level of connection and relationships between the CIE and the CEOs of the largest corporations in China and internationally who are supporting the WCF. The intended international and China participation is 1000 CEOs and CIOs for the WCF from Fortune 1000 corporations. There are opportunities for GITCA here, if GITCA wishes to support the WCF due to high level of C-level executive contribution from all regions of the world and as noted earlier, the WCF is the first global summit.

    The government sponsored all the events (summits and tours in China) but Great-Idea Business Resources Co. Ltd. was the coordinator or event planner/organizer working in partnership with the government. They are highly respected in China and connected with all levels in China. I would highly recommend Great-Idea for their considerable professionalism in supporting these events and efficient-level of coordination. Great-Idea requested that I support delegations next year subject to my schedule. If GITCA so chooses in becoming further involved, I believe GITCA and its alliance members could benefit from this – win-win for all parties. The last global summit was in Beijing. The MCCR was a pretty impressive event and I have outlined it below.

    MCCR: The 4th International CEO Roundtable of Chinese and Foreign Multinational Corporations & Green Service Development Forum - Nov 5–7, 2010 Beijing

    International CEO Roundtable of Chinese and Foreign Multinational Corporations is a large-scale international conference jointly held by China International Institute of Multinational Corporation, UN Development Programmer, UN Conference on Trade and Development, UN Industrial Development Organization, UN Environment Programmer, UN Global Compact Office. The conference has received support from Chinese State leaders and the United Nations Secretary-General Mr. BR Ki-Moon. The chairman of “International CEO Roundtable of Chinese and Foreign Multinational Cooperation” is Cheng Siwei who is the Vice-Chairman of Standing Committee of the 10th National People’s Congress, P.R.C. Related Government Leaders, Ministers, Mayors or Vice-Mayors from more than 40 countries, CEOs or vice-presidents from global Fortune 500 companies, CEOs or vice-presidents from China Fortune 500 companies, directors of some industrial zones, presidents of banks, chairmen of stock exchanges, chairmen of foundations, envoys to China from various countries, leaders from foreign chambers of commerce in China and 100 Chinese and foreign media reporters attended the conference.

    “Green Service Development Forum” will be held at the same time.

    It has become an important platform for Chinese and foreign governments, enterprises establishing partnership.

  • Sponsors – Who are they, how do they look and how to approach them – Sanjay Shetty

    Finding sponsors or knowing whom to approach can often be daunting, but it’s fairly simple if one knows how. Sanjay has listed five categories of sponsors to help ease this task and provided some ideas around approaching these categories of sponsors. You can read the full article at: http://blogs.communitiesrus.in/communities/2010/11/03/sponsors-who-are-they-how-do-they-look-and-how-to-approach-them/

  • Stephen Ibaraki Interviews of Prominent People in the Industry

    Professor K.K. Aggarwal obtained his Engineering Degree from Punjab University and his Masters Degree from Kurukshetra University, securing First position in both. Later he did his Ph.D. in Reliability Evaluation and Optimization, also from Kurukshetra University. In 1975, he rose to the level of Professor at an age of 27½ years, and is considered the youngest person in the world to have achieved this level.

    Anthony Wong is the January 2010 newly elected President of the Australian Computer Society (ACS), and September 2010 newly elected President of the South-East Asia Regional Computer Confederation (SEARCC). Mr. Wong is the Chief Executive of a multidisciplinary ICT, Intellectual Property Legal and Consulting Practice, AGW Consulting Pty Ltd and has served as Chairman of ACS NSW for the past four years. An ICT professional for more than two decades, Mr. Wong has held senior management roles in multinationals and government.

    David Downs is currently the Services Director for Microsoft in South East Asia and Emerging Markets (HQ'ed in Microsoft Singapore), where he balances leading a large team of technical, sales and operations staff, with ensuring customer satisfaction and profitability for the Services business in the 7 countries he is responsible for. These countries are Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.