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  • Change Happens!

    My name is Thomas Dawkins and I recently took on the responsibility of managing the relationship between GITCA and Microsoft. I’ve been in the IT space for over 28 years. I have done just about everything from programming to managing raised floor datacenters working on VAX/VMS, UNIX and SunOS. This was back when New Wave music was still popular. In the 90’s, I migrated into a Microsoft Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Trainer. I started working at Microsoft in the late 90’s where I have done a number of business development projects, product management, program management and relationship management roles. Today, my role is to manage Microsoft’s strategic relationship with the top user group consortiums, like GITCA, who in total represent over 10 million IT Professionals and Developers worldwide.

    I recently had the honor to meet with Ashwin Kini, Global Chair and the GITCA Global Board in Redmond, WA. I pulled together a number of Sr. Directors to provide them insight into Microsoft’s priorities and efforts for FY12. In return, they shared with us the work they are putting forward to better support you in your role as user group leaders and as an IT professional. We are excited about GITCA’s plans, where they look to engage with you more this year than ever before and add additional value to your membership.

    Over my 28 years, change is the most constant thing that I’ve seen in the IT industry. Those that can handle and evolve with change survived though the ups and downs of our industry. Microsoft and our effort to support user groups through UGSS needs positive change to improve how we better support you in the future. GITCA is also looking to make additional positive changes as a user group consortium that supports you and over 960 user groups worldwide. The “wind is shifting”, change is coming and together, we promise to keep you up to date on these changes over the coming months. In partnership, we will focus on bringing you and your members more value and better guidance to enhance their careers and better understand the changes that are occurring in the industry today.

    A new culture for the IT Professional is evolving. We are excited about it and hope you will be too!

    If you have any questions or feedback about Microsoft work with user groups or consortiums, please feel free to email me at thomas.dawkins@microsoft.com. I am also on LinkedIn and Twitter so please feel free to follow me and be a part of the discussion. I look forward to connecting with you more in the future.

  • GITCA Business Plans for FY12

    GITCA is poised to move forward with its next phase of development where we will focus on extending our value to and support for the GITCA members and the IT Pro community. You can find our Mission, Vision and Specific Goals going forward and our plans for FY12 at:


  • Microsoft Tech·Ed North America in Atlanta, May 15 – 19, 2011

    The BOF recordings are available at:

  • 24 Keynotes on Cloud Computing including on Windows Live

    There’s a great resource on Cloud Computing with 24 keynotes. To find out more go to IT Manager Connection:

  • Do You Fear the Cloud?

    Michael Jenkin, GITCA APAC Chair, has written an article on his feelings about the Cloud and how that might affect the future for IT pros. You can find the article on page 20 of

  • GITCA Founding Charter Member FEAPO

    GITCA is unanimously voted founding charter member of the international Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations (FEAPO: www.feapo.org) . The organizations supporting FEAPO represent the most significant professional associations worldwide. In the US, EA has the support of the White House, State CIOs, Federal CIOs, and enterprises. Graham Jones while GITCA Chair acted as catalyst for GITCA involvement when GITCA alliance member CAEAP (http://caeap.org/default.aspx) contacted Graham for support in 2010. Subsequently Graham served on the FEAPO governance committee and submitted the GITCA application for founding charter membership. GITCA was also instrumental in bringing GITCA alliance members to the attention of FEAPO such as IFIP IP3, CIPS, NPA, and others. GITCA NORAM Chairman, Barry Sellers is the founding charter member for the NPA in FEAPO together with serving on various committees including the governance committee with Graham. A vote was conducted amongst all organizations after the June FEAPO meeting resulting in GITCA having founder status. This represents a significant achievement for GITCA in supporting the EA profession. Brian Cameron, Professor at Pennsylvania State University, Executive Director Center for EA, speaker at the IFIP World CIO Forum initiated the concept of FEAPO in 2010 and chaired the January and June meetings. You will find three interviews with Brian under GITCA interviews:


  • Center for Enterprise Architecture at Penn State

    Pennsylvania State University offers education programs in Enterprise Architecture. The EA programs are run under the guidance of Professor Brian Cameron who initiated the concept of FEAPO (see article above). A list of programs can be found at http://ea.ist.psu.edu/education.php.

  • System Admin Day - IT Pro of the year by Windows IT Pro

    GITCA is very pleased to help promote the System Admin Day – IT Pro of the Year event by Windows IT Pro.


    The winner will be announced on August 31.

  • Annual Elections

    There are still a few open positions. If you are interested in volunteering please contact the Regional Chair for your region as shown at the end of the newsletter.

  • Participate in the IFIP World CIO Forum

    Register and participate in the IFIP World CIO Forum (WCF), Nov 1-4, 2011. The WCF participants are IT professionals and senior executives in business, government, academia and industry including the global fortune 1000. The IFIP World CIO Forum (WCF) is unique in bringing together IT professionals, senior executives and thought leaders from business, industry, government and academia. The IFIP World CIO Forum (WCF) represents a unique opportunity for you to engage with the world’s best. The WCF is the only forum that provides this collaboration venue and spotlight to garner business and strengthen long term working relationships worldwide with top thought leaders, governments, senior IT executives, academics, and to message at the highest levels worldwide.

    Examples of participants include:

    WCF Speakers:http://www.worldcioforum.com/ -- GITCA alliance members and partners are represented.

    WCF Advisory Board, Technical Committee, Organizing Committee where GITCA is represented:http://www.worldcioforum.com/en/cat/overview/wcf_committee/11

    Added background on IFIP and IFIP WCF:

    The IFIP World CIO Forum is both non-profit and an IFIP event, hosted by the China Institute of Electronics (CIE). IFIP(www.ifip.org) is a federation of national computing associations with an official country member for each country. The US is the only exception and has two representatives: the IEEE-CS and the ACM. IFIP, the non-profit International Federation for Information Processing, was founded under the auspices of the United Nations Educational Scientific Organization in 1960 and has over 55 country member bodies and affiliates representing over 90 countries. IFIP is the official consultative body for IT for the United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization, Sector Member for the International Telecommunications Union or ITU, Scientific Associate Member of the International Council for Science or ICSU. IFIP has a 50+ year history with conferences/forums starting with the IFIP World Computing Congress (WCC) in 1959 and in 2011 reflected by the IFIP World CIO Forum (WCF). In 2010, GITCA (Chairs Graham Jones and Ashwin Kini) was invited to the IFIP World Computing Congress (WCC) IP3 Panel Discussion on IT Professionalism.

  • Stephen Ibaraki DFNPA, CNP, FCIPS, ISP, ITCP/IP3P, MVP, FGITCA becomes the first

    GITCA is very pleased to announce the launch of its Fellows program. In order to be considered for nomination as a GITCA Fellow an individual must satisfy the following criteria:

    A GITCA Fellow is someone who has already made a distinguished contribution to the IT profession or to the application of IT and has committed to become an advocate of GITCA and its various activities. An advocacy role requires the GITCA Fellow to be fully cognizant of the activities of GITCA and be prepared to advocate on behalf of GITCA as requested and to seek opportunities to advocate on behalf of GITCA. It is expected that Fellows will have contact with major players in industry, governments and international organizations which will provide GITCA with opportunities to get its message across in a wider arena...and in places and times not anticipated by GITCA. The title of Fellow (FGITCA) also provides the opportunity for GITCA to recognize the work done by individuals, both through professional associations and in other activities in promoting IT professionalism and the objectives of GITCA.

    Distinguished contribution means a notable, recognized and positive influence within the IT profession or the application of IT, above and beyond normal expectations. The following guidance is an example of a claim of distinguished contribution which would be in one or more of these areas:

    • An emphasis on leadership and going above and beyond what is normally expected from a person in his/her position.
    • A deep understanding of a particular industry, emerging technologies, and implications for business; initiatives on the development of professionalism; is widely recognized nationally or internationally as a leader within industry.
    • Has contributed to the profession or application of IT at a national and international level.

    A GITCA Fellow may use the title FGITCA as a post-nominal.

    Stephen is a recognized luminary in the IT industry. His achievements and awards are much too numerous to readily summarize. His contributions to the IT industry over the past 35 years are internationally recognized and lauded at the highest levels in government, academia, media and business. For a comprehensive list of achievements and appointments see CIPS’ founding Fellow’s profile on Stephen or do an internet search on his name. Over the past several years he has been a tireless driving force behind the push towards professionalism in the IT industry both through his various roles with CIPS and now with the International Professional Practice Partnership [IP3 –www.ipthree.org Stephen’s knowledge, experience and advice are in constant demand both professionally and as a volunteer. He is the consummate volunteer who devotes an incredible amount of his time and energy to improving the IT industry and in turn the world we live in. Despite the very heavy demands upon him he always comes through with nothing less than full commitment to every task and everything is delivered on time with the utmost attention to detail.

    His contribution to GITCA over the past 3 years has been outstanding just like every project that he takes on. Stephen’s involvement has been instrumental in moving the organization forward such that it now stands as the largest of its kind in the world. Much of that effort has gone into using his considerable relationship skills and very wide range of personal and industry contacts to forge alliances with long established, notable organizations in the industry. This has bolstered the GITCA membership and audience and in turn helped to raise the profile of GITCA.

    Stephen is an all together quite remarkable professional and person. Microsoft has proposed Stephen be recognized as GITCA’s first Fellow at TechEd NORAM or TechEd EMEA and in an announcement from Microsoft.

  • Stephen Ibaraki Interviews of Prominent People in the Industry

    Dharmesh Mheta,Director, Windows and Windows Live Division Microsoft Corp. As director of product management and product marketing for the Windows Live business at Microsoft Corp., Dharmesh Mehta is responsible for driving business and product strategy, marketing campaigns, PR and evangelism for Windows Live, a suite of free software and services that help people communicate, share and keep their lives in sync. Dharmesh and his team are chartered with the goal of leading Windows Live as the world's most engaged community of people across the PC, web and mobile phone. They work across a worldwide business through a combination of global execution and local innovation. They drive the business strategy and the Windows Live value proposition including Hotmail, Messenger and SkyDrive. And they are responsible for the direct and indirect monetization for these experiences.

    Bjoern Herrmann and Max Marmer, Silicon Valley Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Founders Startup Genome Project Bjoern Herrmann is a purpose driven entrepreneur. Bjoern is co-founder of blackbox, a next generation seed accelerator for technology startups located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Prior to his latest venture, Bjoern founded and led four companies in Germany, Bangladesh and the United States, as well as worked as an executive in Russia for one year. His personal passion is unleashing human potential, which he exercises in his free time by teaching entrepreneurship and advising numerous startups.

    Max Marmer is driven by working on the biggest problems he can find. Max co-founded the Startup Genome Project to increase the success rate of startups by turning entrepreneurship into a science when he realized entrepreneurs would increasingly be the biggest drivers of societal progress. Max is constantly thinking about how to reinvent society’s antiquated structures for a 21st century that will be powered by information technology. Previously he was obsessed with reinventing the education system before realizing empowering entrepreneurs would have more impact.

    Benoit Bertrand,Vice-President, Chief Technology Officer, Avanade Benoit Bertrand is a Senior Executive at Avanade responsible for solutioning and managing large IT programs for anchor customers across Canada. Prior to this appointment, Benoit was the Director of the Avanade Montreal Delivery Center. The center specializes in delivering Microsoft based solutions for the enterprise in collaboration with Accenture and Microsoft. Benoit Bertrand is recognized for his pragmatic approach to program and project management and renowned for architecting and delivering complex mission critical solutions. Benoit has over 16 years of experience in IT consulting with Avanade and Accenture where he has held Solution Architect, Enterprise Architect, Manager, Senior Manager, Sr. Director and Vice-President roles and responsibilities over the years. Benoit Bertrand specializes in IT Program & Project Management, Enterprise Solution Architecture, Enterprise Data Architecture, Enterprise Integration, Expert/Custom System Delivery, Performance Testing and Tuning, Software Development Life Cycle, Application Management, Multi-Site Delivery.