MARCH 2011

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  • GITCA Presents “24 Hours in the Cloud” - update

    On April 19th GITCA will run a 24 hour round-the-world virtual event focusing on Cloud Computing. The speakers will be available via twitter to answer your questions. Please visit http://sites.GITCA.org/24hours to find out more. You can also email 24HitC@GITCA.org if you have any questions or suggestions. There is still a small time window if you or somebody that you know wishes to submit a session. Time is now pressing and if you want to make a submission it must be very soon in order to incorporate it into the production process.

    To meet our April target we need to get the sessions recorded as soon as possible. This is an important project with a tight time schedule and so we ask that those of you who get selected as speakers make every effort to get your recordings to us as soon as possible so that we can begin to build the presentation site. This is a community project and GITCA is simply the enabler. So this is the community helping the community which we hope you see as important. All selected presenters will receive a “24 Hours in the Cloud” T-shirt, a good quality web camera to record their session(s) and software to assist with recordings. Some of you will already have received instructions from us on how to proceed. If the presenters have any doubts or questions please don’t hesitate to contact 24HitC@GITCA.org

  • Microsoft Tech·Ed North America in Atlanta, May 16 – 19, 2011

    GITCA is will be at Tech·Ed North America in May. So please look for us in the Community Lounge area. GITCA will be running the ever popular Guitar Hero again this year and INETA will be running Xbox Connect. This year we will be working very closely with our colleagues from INETA

    The deadline for submitting Birds-Of-a- Feather [BOF] sessions has now passed. This year there will be no voting on BOF sessions. The sessions will be chosen by the volunteer organizing teams from

    GITCA and INETA. BOF sessions are open discussions on developer and IT pro topics of interest to Tech·Ed attendees

  • New Hosted SharePoint Site Requests

    All new requests for hosted SharePoint sites will be fulfilled using SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Edition. To request a new SharePoint 2010 site for your group, please go to: http://sharepoint.msugss.com/AboutUs/Pages/Technical-Support.aspx and follow the instructions under “Request a SharePoint site”.

  • Recently Asked Questions

    We have repeated this content because we still continue to get questions. One further question has been added.

    Q: Why when I request event funding from UGSS am I refused because I am not a member of GITCA when in fact my UG is a member?

    A: You must make sure that the affiliation to GITCA check-box is checked in the profile of the UG on UGSS. This can be done by editing the profile of the UG(s) associated with a UG Leader via the My DashBoard tab.

    Q: When will the next UG kits be available?

    A: No UG kits delivered via UGSS are planned for the immediate future. Microsoft subsidiaries may provide UG kits at their option. For example, the Microsoft US subsidiary supplies UG kits on a quarterly basis.

    Q: When will I receive my UG TechNet subscription mentioned in the recent UGSS survey sent out via GITCA?

    A: The timing of the delivery of TechNet subscriptions is entirely in the hands of the TechNet subscription people in Microsoft. If at the time a particular subscription request is processed the requestor has never previously had a subscription or a current or past subscription has expired then the request will be processed. On the other hand if a subscription is still active then the request will be refused. Update from Microsoft: it can take 60 – 90 days before your recently requested TechNet subscription will be received. We are very sorry but we cannot do anything to influence this. So please don’t keep asking us “What happened to my TechNet subscription request?”

    Q: How can I find out about how to use UGSS?

    A: The following link will help describe how to use UGSS - http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/how-to-use-user-group-support-services.aspx

    Q: How come I receive communications from GITCA but not from UGSS?

    A: GITCA and UGSS are two totally different independent organizations with two different databases of members. GITCA is associated with UGSS through the requests for event funding as mentioned above. You must join UGSS in order to receive event funding and also be a member of GITCA. It is only a requirement to be a member of both for the purposes of event funding. All other services/benefits/content is separate.

  • Annual Elections

    Very soon the annual elections process will begin. Elections are carried out for positions on the Global Board and on the four Regional Boards [NORAM, EMEA, LATAM and APAC]. Once it is determined which positions are open for election you will receive an email requesting nominations for those positions and how that should be done. If an open position requires a vote then you will be contacted again. Only UG/Association leaders on record at the time are permitted to vote and only once for each open position.

  • GITCA is working with the newly formed Federation of Enterprise Architects Professional Organizations [FEAPO]

    GITCA is discussing becoming a founding charter member of the newly formed FEAPO with the aim of supporting the EA profession, industry, and EA standards. GITCA continues to demonstrate growing and extensive reach plus value in supporting the IT ecosystem. Discussions have been going well so far and GITCA will be in attendance with all of the other potential founding members to an official signing of documents in June in Washington, DC plus to work on the next stages of development. This continues the work that began in 2010. [see the interviews with Brian Cameron on FEAPO in this newsletter]

  • International Federation of Information Processing [IFIP] World CIO Forum

    The first IFIP World CIO Forum will be held from Nov 1 – 4 in Shenzhen, China. It is of note that this event is being held in China and supported by the Chinese Government. IT is increasingly becoming the crucial stimulus for economic growth, innovation, transformation, crisis mitigation and management. The CIO is a key decision maker and thus plays an important role in enabling the value of IT. The World CIO Forum is a unique opportunity for senior people to meet and engage in information and experience sharing, form alliances and formulate strategy whereby IT will have a positive effect upon the world for the ultimate benefit of all. The attendees at the World CIO Forum are key enablers potentially affecting all of our lives on a global basis.

    GITCA supports the IFIP WCF. In order for GITCA to achieve its ultimate objectives of helping the careers and raising the profile of IT professionals we must engage with the key influencers in the industry. The IFIP WCF is a unique opportunity to show that we are worthy of the time and attention of these key people.

  • Stephen Ibaraki Interviews of Prominent People in the Industry

    Brian Cameron [Part 1 and Part 2] is Executive Director of the Center for Enterprise Architecture and Professor of Practice in the College of Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University. Within the College of Information Sciences and Technology, he works with a wide portfolio of companies on a variety of consulting engagements, ranging from systems integration projects to enterprise architecture planning and design. Through his academic work, Cameron has consulted with organizations such as Avaya, AT&T Wireless, Raytheon, Accenture, Oracle, EMC Corp., NSA, U.S. Marine Corps, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and many others.

    Jo Surich is President of PresiNET Systems Corp. and PresiNET of its new affiliate, PresiNET Healthcare. PresiNET is a long-standing innovator in the network performance, security and compliance space. PresiNET Healthcare was founded to bring to market a new set of products based on the TOTAL VIEW ONE system installed by private and public enterprises around the globe. The PresiNET Healthcare product line was developed under Jo's direction. TOTAL VIEW PLUS brings the capacity to track and report events and transactions based on the DICOM, HL7 and XML protocols. The capacity to track these transactions massively enhances the ability to manage privacy, security and regulatory compliance concerns.

    Graham Jones, P.Eng, MCSD, Microsoft MVP (2006 - 2008), Global Chair and founding Vice-Chair of GITCA. A professional engineer for over 35 years, originally in the UK and now in Canada, he has had a very varied career in the process industries and latterly in the ICT industry. Graham graduated in Chemical Engineering in the UK over 40 years ago with a 1st Class Honors degree. Over those 40 years he has worked in process plant design, operation and management; Project, Engineering and IT Management; software and web development and teaching Windows Desktop and Office.

    Ashwin U. Kini is an IT Professional from Mumbai, passionate about Networking technologies and works as Sr. Technical Consultant CNC on JD Edwards / PeopleSoft ERP with Systime. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications, Bachelors degree in Computer Applications, and a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. He is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

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