APRIL 2012 [Volume 4, Issue 4]

Form and List

  • GITCA Public Website

    We have heard from a few of you about your group not being displayed on the UG map or displayed incorrectly but these have all been fixed. The only major sections left to complete are the members of the Regional Boards.

  • Membership

    Membership in GITCA has been growing steadily for some time and is now 1140 confirmed member organizations with nearly 50 waiting for approval. Very soon we will reach 1200 member organizations which was the target that we set for ourselves to achieve by the end of June 2012 [end of the GITCA operating year].

    The graph at: http://www.gitca.org/Federationfocus/Membership.aspx has been updated.

    If you know of organizations which aren’t currently members of GITCA please encourage them to apply at:


    Membership is free and they will be joining the largest organization of its kind in the world.

  • 24 Hours in a Private Cloud – May 10

    Following the hugely successful [70K viewings] joint Microsoft/GITCA 24 Hours-in-the-Cloud on-line event last year a 24 Hours-in-a-Private-Cloud on-line event is planned for May 10 [it has been put back from April 26 to ensure the best possible event]. The sessions will be pre-recorded by subject matter experts including Microsoft MVP’s and shown around the clock. This time some of the sessions will be language localized [most likely French, Spanish and German in addition to English] based upon time zone/location. You can register for the event at http://bit.ly/24hipc and entry into the event will be via http://bit.ly/24HrsPrivateCloud. Don’t wait to register. This is going to be a very popular event when you have the following people as keynote speakers:

    In addition there will be presentations by very well qualified people, many of whom are Microsoft MVP’s, covering the following technical topic areas:

    • Private Cloud Infrastructure
    • Infrastructure Components
    • Application Management
    • Service Delivery and Automation

  • SQL Server 2012 and SharePoint Connections

    Kongresshaus, Berchtesgaden, May 8th-9th 2012

    SQL Server and SharePoint comes to the beautiful resort of Berchtesgaden

    Why you should attend

    SQL Server & SharePoint Connections speakers will share strategies on how you can

    successfully get the most out of your IT infrastructure. Delegates will walk away with tangible information to help them achieve their goals.

    36 sessions over 2 days

    Delivered by some of the industry’s top international speakers including Michael Noel,

    Margarita Naumova, Asif Rehmani, Klaus Aschenbrenner, Agnes Molnar, Charley Hanania,

    Wouter van Vugt and many more.

    This event will sell out, so register now to secure your place.


  • Penn State Launches Online Enterprise Architecture Master’s Program

    Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) has launched the first enterprise architecture (EA) program in North America and the first online EA master’s program in the world. The EA program is in response to the rapidly increasing demand for professionals with a unique combination of skills and perspectives to align enterprise information systems and technology with business strategy and goals.

    "Enterprise architecture is often described as the bridge between strategy and implementation," said Brian Cameron, executive director of the Center for Enterprise Architecture at the College of IST and faculty program director of the master’s program. This Gartner article provides additional background.

  • Network Computing Professionals Winners

    The Awards for Professionalism sponsored by the Network Professional Association® (NPA), in conjunction with Interop, Microsoft, GITCA, Cisco Press, Windows IT Pro and Agile IT announce two winning individuals in the area of IT professionalism. The international contest for the Awards for Professionalism honors individuals

    working as network computing professionals. Selection is based on meeting the ideals of the Network

    Professional Association, the advocate for the network computing professional, including contributions to the community and industry and professionalism practiced in the workplace. Read the story here. GITCA is proud to be a sponsor of the Awards for Professionalism.

  • Feature Member Organization

    In this edition we are featuring CIPS, Canada’s Association of Information Technology Professional. CIPS is a professional association of individual IT professionals and represents thousands of members across Canada. Since 1958 CIPS has helped strengthen the Canadian IT industry by establishing standards and sharing best practices for the benefit of individual IT professionals and the IT sector as a whole.

    CIPS offers Networking opportunities, Certification of IT professionals (I.S.P. and ITCP certifications), Accreditation of IT Post-Secondary programs, a niche IT Job Board, a voice to government, and represents Canadian IT professionals in international forums, encouraging and facilitating on-going professional development and safeguarding the public interest.

  • Stephen Ibaraki Interviews of Prominent People in the Industry

    Jerrard Gaertner International Leader in IT Security, Forensics, Governance, Auditing

    Jerrard Gaertner is Director, Technology Assurance Services at a major accountancy and advisory firm. He is a graduate of MIT and a chartered accountant specializing in information technology and information systems auditing. Jerry is certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (ISACA), a Certified Information System Security Professional (ISC2), Certified Internal Auditor (IIA), Certified Forensic Investigator (ACFI) and Information Technology Certified Professional (CIPS), among other professional designations. He is also a trustee in bankruptcy and Officer of the Court in Ontario, Canada.

    Michael Santarcangelo - Internationally Acclaimed Author, Speaker, Educator, Leader in harnessing the human side of security, improving business by helping people effectively communicate value.

    Michael Santarcangelo is the catalyst called upon to deliver successful results when others have struggled and failed to harness the human side of security.

    Blending a degree in Human Ecology with over a decade of experience in information security, and recognition as a professional communicator uniquely positions Michael as the authority to speak, teach and consult on how to improve organizations by helping people effectively communicate value.

    Nick Malik - International Top Authority in Enterprise and Business Architecture, Author, Speaker, Principle Microsoft EA

    Nick Malik is an internationally recognized expert, speaker, blogger and innovator in Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture. Co-author of three books and a popular speaker at conferences, Nick brings his 32 years of high-tech experience to bear as he creates Enterprise Architectural models and solutions to the CTO of Microsoft IT, his current employer. Developer of a number of novel methods in Enterprise Architecture, including the Enterprise Business Motivation Model, and the Minimal Sufficient Business Integration method, he strives to improve the maturity and professionalism of the practice of Enterprise Architecture worldwide.

  • Benefits Offered Through GITCA

    GITCA is looking into benefits that may be offered to our members in the future. If there are benefits that you would like to see and you think that GITCA might be able to help please email info@GITCA.org.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why when I request event funding from UGSS am I refused because I am not a member of GITCA when in fact my UG is a member?
    A: You must make sure that the affiliation to GITCA check-box is checked in the profile of the UG on UGSS. This can be done by editing the profile of the UG(s) associated with a UG Leader via the My DashBoard tab.

    Q: When will the next UG kits be available?
    A: No UG kits delivered via UGSS are planned for the immediate future. Microsoft subsidiaries may provide UG kits at their option. For example, the Microsoft US subsidiary supplies UG kits on a quarterly basis.

    Q: How can I find out about how to use UGSS?
    A: The following link will help describe how to use UGSS - http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/how-to-use-user-group-support-services.aspx

    Q: How come I receive communications from GITCA but not from UGSS?
    A: GITCA and UGSS are two totally different independent organizations with two different databases of members. GITCA is associated with UGSS through the requests for event funding as mentioned above. You currently must join UGSS in order to receive event funding and also be a member of GITCA.