FEBRUARY 2012 [Volume 4, Issue 2]

Form and List

  • Getting the Word Out – very important for the success of GITCA

    Please add the following link to the GITCA global newsletters to your website or include it in your own newsletters so that it is easy for your members to gain access and read them:


    The link will always open at the most recently posted newsletter and thus does not need to be updated. All previous newsletters are accessible from there. Links to the newsletters are also on the Home Page via a scrolling list.

    This is your opportunity to help GITCA to achieve its goal of the development and growth of the IT community and the elevation of the status of the IT Professional. Communication to your members is absolutely vital for GITCA to succeed and in turn fulfill our desire to return the benefits of that success to your members.

  • Newsletter Content

    This is YOUR newsletter and we would like to hear from you about the kind of community and general industry content that you would like to see. We would also like to receive short articles about what is happening in your part of the community. For example, we could feature a particular member group each month, ie. history, how the group is run, how meetings/events are organized/conducted, most popular topics, speaker recommendations, etc..

    We would also welcome the opportunity to feature individuals who have made a noteworthy. Community is all about people and we want to provide the opportunity for thanks and recognition via our wide reach. For example, public recognition can assist in individual’s careers. If you want to submit any kind of article please email info@GITCA.org by no later than the second Friday in the month in order to be sure to be included in that month.

    Take advantage of our wide reach to promote your organization and individuals in your organization either through the newsletter or on the website. The only effort required from you is to provide a small amount of the material!

  • LATAM Regional Board Update

    Felipe Zuniga [Chile] has resigned from the LATAM Board due to work commitments. He is replaced by Martin Llamas [Mexico] as the LATAM Regional Chair and the LATAM representative on the GITCA Global Board. Martin was previously the Vice-Chair for LATAM. Our thanks go to Felipe for the excellent service that he has provided to GITCA. We wish him the very best in the future. Our thanks also go to Martin for stepping into the position left by Felipe. As a consequence of this change there will be other LATAM Board changes which will be announced in the future.

  • GITCA Public Website

    The membership map at http://www.gitca.org/AboutUs/FindAMemberOrganization.aspx is not working at the moment for which we apologize. We are urgently trying to fix the problem which is due to a connectivity problem with our CRM membership database. We know that our members are proud to be associated with GITCA and like to be able to locate themselves on the map. We greatly appreciate your commitment to us and aim to have things resolved soon.

  • Membership

    Membership in GITCA has been growing steadily now for some time and is now approaching 1100 confirmed member organizations and over 60 waiting for approval. The graph at:


    will be updated in the near future.

    If you know of organizations which aren’t currently members of GITCA please encourage them to apply at:


    As you know membership is free and they will be joining the largest organization of its kind in the world.

  • NPA Awards for Professionalism - the Tradition Continues……

    The Network Professional Association (NPA) began honoring professionals in the computing and networking community in 2002. Then, Stephen Ibaraki, Henry Penaranda, Graham Reed, Doug Linman, David Vaillancourt, and William Collins were selected and awarded by their peers for the honor. Last year, NPA awarded Brian Cameron, Vivek Thangaswamy, Soumitra Sengupta, and Barry Sellers. This was Barry Sellers’ second time being selected for the award.

    The Awards for Professionalism recognizes the networking and computing professional at his or her best. Nominated by their peers, these are true professionals. Some are leaders and others are followers. The NPA is looking for the leading professionals to carry on this year’s award tradition. The event returns to Interop in Las Vegas, and the award winners will be announced there, on May 7th 2012, at the Mandalay Bay.

    Nominations are currently being accepted for the following categories:

    Best Networking Professional — Career Achievement Award

    Professional Excellence and Innovation Award

    In the following subcategories:
    Corporate Fortune X

    Corporate Small Business
    Independent Network Contractor

    Outstanding Mentor Award

    Top of the Mark — Volunteer Award

    Each year, the NPA receives an excellent number of potential awardees and would like to have even more to consider this year.

    Visit the website: http://www.awardsforprofessionalism.org for more information about the event, and nominate who you think is most deserving of the awards for professionalism.

    Nominations have been extended to March 1, 2012.

    GITCA is pleased and proud to support the NPA Awards for Professionalism.

  • ISACA’s INSIGHTS 2012 – Where Business and IT Meet

    ISACA is the largest IT governance and security professionals organization with over 95,000 members around the world. Their annual World Congress is called INSIGHTS and is being held this year in San Francisco from 25 – 27 June. Stephen Ibaraki, GITCA Global Board Advisor, is an invited industry chairman and panel participant.

    INSIGHTS 2012 is a vibrant and dynamic event that is much different from a typical conference. Each day will commence with a keynote session that addresses thought-provoking topics at a strategic level. The opening-day keynote, “The Future Starts Today,” provides a fresh approach to understanding the three cornerstones of success:  innovation, collaboration and execution. On day 2, join executives from Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young and KPMG for “Keeping an Eye on Tomorrow,” where they will share their perspectives on the future of global business and impacts on today’s business leaders. On the third and final day, Robert Stroud [INSIGHT’s Chair] will be moderating a session on a topic that is on the minds of many global leaders: “The Risk of Failing to Innovate.” A distinctive panel of industry experts will take an in-depth look at the importance of innovation and the global impact if we do not innovate.

    Futurist Bob Treadway is back by popular demand as master of ceremonies and the closing keynoter. Treadway will synthesize the observations shared throughout the conference with his eye-opening, and perhaps controversial, discussion about the future of information technology and global business. In “What Will the Future Hold?”, Treadway will provide an update on his 2011 predictions and share new insights.

    In addition to these keynote sessions, INSIGHTS 2012 will feature executive panels, interview sessions and talk-show formats to address pressing business issues in an interactive environment where you can directly engage with industry luminaries.

    Digging into the most high-profile business issues, interview session topics include crisis management and the lessons learned from recent catastrophes, the impact of privacy, mobile devices, social media, work force issues and cloud computing, just to name a few.

    There are roundtable discussions, titled INSIGHTFUL Forums, where you can fire the questions that matter at industry leaders on current and future technology trends such as mobile workers, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), social media, talent management, cyber security and risk management, privacy vs. innovation, and many more.

    INSIGHTS hub, a meeting and collaboration place, is a unique and highly interactive spot to collaborate and network with your peers, industry leaders, new contacts and get to know industry thought leaders and relax.

    For more information on ISACA’s World Congress: INSIGHTS 2012, visit www.isaca.org/insights2012.

  • MVP Nation – March 2nd and 3rd, 2012

    After a hugely successful inaugural event MVP Nation is in its 2nd year. It is being billed as the First Windows 8 Conference taking place this year. It is going to be held at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond.

    MVP Nation offers the rare opportunity to learn directly from the esteemed Microsoft MVPs in a deeply technical environment. With a focus on the new Windows "8" technology, the two-day event will allow attendees to create their Windows "8" road map. MVP Nation is a gathering of three well-established communities. First are the Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) who are award-winning technical experts focused on all Microsoft product groups. Second are community members who rarely have the opportunity to interact directly with the MVPs in a public event. Community members include IT Pros, consultants, resellers, channel partners and in-house IT staff. Third are the community sponsors who can connect with MVPs and attendees to create amazing technology products and services.

    You can get more information here http://mvp.smbnation.com/.

  • Stephen Ibaraki Interviews of Prominent People in the Industry

    Eileen Chen – is a junior studying within the College of Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University at University Park Main Campus.
    She expects to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in May of 2013 with a major in the option of Integration and Application in Information Sciences and Technology and a minor in Supply Chain and Information Sciences and Technology. She received the David Suarez Memorial Scholarship (a remembrance from his colleagues at Deloitte Consulting/Deloitte & Touche), the Dipple Trustee Scholarship, the Raytheon IST Scholarship, and the Delta Gamma Lamp of Knowledge as well as achieved Deans List all semesters.

    Professor Tadao Saito - CTO Toyota, Global Top Pioneering Leader, Inventor, Researcher and Innovator

    • CTO Toyota-InfoTechnology Center
    • Professor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo
    • Former president of IEICE (Institute of Information, Electronics and Communication Engineers)
    • Life fellow of the IEEE
    • Honorary member and life fellow of the IEICE
    • Official Japan Delegate to IFIP GA and Technical Committee 6 (Communication Systems)

    Prof. Tadao Saito received his PhD. in electronics from the University of Tokyo in 1968. Subsequently he served as lecturer, associate professor and professor of the University of Tokyo, where he is now a Professor Emeritus. Since April 2001, Saito is the Chief Scientist and CTO of Toyota InfoTechnology Center, where he studies future ubiquitous information services around automobiles.

    Don Crawley - Acclaimed Author, Speaker, International Authority in Linux, Cisco

    Don R. Crawley is president/chief technologist at soundtraining.net, the Seattle-based I.T. training company. He holds certifications in Linux, Windows, and Cisco products. Don is also the author of five books on information systems and technology including the popular Accidental Administrator series of books for I.T. professionals (http://www.doncrawley.com).

    A geek and nerdy kind of guy since sometime back in the 60's, he brings more than 35 years workplace technology experience to his books and training. Don has spoken before audiences in all 50 U.S. states, Canada, the U.K. and Australia. His focus today is on improving the intersection of people and technology.

  • Hosted SharePoint Sites and Live Meeting Accounts

    We apologize but we are not currently accepting any applications for hosted SharePoint sites or Live Meeting accounts. Information on what to expect with respect to these benefits going forward will be available shortly.

    We are still working diligently to try and recover the SharePoint WSS sites. It is proving to be a very difficult challenge. We are utilizing all of the best resources available to us.

    Existing LM accounts will be honored for the time being.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why when I request event funding from UGSS am I refused because I am not a member of GITCA when in fact my UG is a member?
    A: You must make sure that the affiliation to GITCA check-box is checked in the profile of the UG on UGSS. This can be done by editing the profile of the UG(s) associated with a UG Leader via the My DashBoard tab.

    Q: When will the next UG kits be available?
    A: No UG kits delivered via UGSS are planned for the immediate future. Microsoft subsidiaries may provide UG kits at their option. For example, the Microsoft US subsidiary supplies UG kits on a quarterly basis.

    Q: How can I find out about how to use UGSS?
    A: The following link will help describe how to use UGSS - http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/how-to-use-user-group-support-services.aspx

    Q: How come I receive communications from GITCA but not from UGSS?
    A: GITCA and UGSS are two totally different independent organizations with two different databases of members. GITCA is associated with UGSS through the requests for event funding as mentioned above. You currently must join UGSS in order to receive event funding and also be a member of GITCA.