MARCH 2012 [Volume 4, Issue 3]

Form and List

  • Getting the Word Out – very important for the success of GITCA

    Please add the following link to the GITCA global journals to your website or include it in your own newsletters/journals so that it is easy for your members to gain access and read them:


    The link will always open at the most recently posted journal and thus does not need to be updated. All previous journals are accessible from there. Links to the journals are also on the Home Page via a scrolling list.

    This is your opportunity to help GITCA to achieve its goal of the development and growth of the IT community and the elevation of the status of the IT Professional. Communication to your members is absolutely vital for GITCA to succeed and in turn fulfill our desire to return the benefits of that success to your members.

  • Journal Content

    This is YOUR journal and we would like to hear from you about the kind of community and general industry content that you would like to see. We would also like to receive short articles about what is happening in your part of the community. For example, we could feature a particular member group each month, ie. history, how the group is run, how meetings/events are organized/conducted, most popular topics, speaker recommendations, etc..

    We would also welcome the opportunity to feature individuals who have made a noteworthy. Community is all about people and we want to provide the opportunity for thanks and recognition via our wide reach. For example, public recognition can assist in individual’s careers. If you want to submit any kind of article please email info@GITCA.org by no later than the second Friday in the month in order to be sure to be included in that month.

    Take advantage of our wide reach to promote your organization and individuals in your organization either through the journal or on the website. The only effort required from you is to provide a small amount of the material!

  • GITCA Public Website

    The membership map at http://www.gitca.org/AboutUs/FindAMemberOrganization.aspx is NOW working! If you happen to notice that your group/association is not displayed on the map please contact info@GITCA.org. This is most likely because the address information in our CRM system has not been correctly interpreted. In all cases in the past we have been able to fix it. The only major sections left to complete are the members of the Regional Boards, which we hope to tackle very soon. The map was a higher priority.

  • Membership

    Membership in GITCA has been growing steadily now for some time and is now approaching 1100 [1096 at the latest count] confirmed member organizations and nearly 70 waiting for approval. The graph at:


    will be updated in the near future.

    If you know of organizations which aren’t currently members of GITCA please encourage them to apply at:


    As you know membership is free and they will be joining the largest organization of its kind in the world.

  • GITCA at TechEd India – March 21 – 23

    If you happen to be attending Tech–Ed India please look out for the people from GITCA. Ashwin Kini, GITCA Global Chair is planning to be there.

  • 24 Hours in a Private Cloud – April 26

    Following the hugely successful [70K viewings] joint Microsoft/GITCA 24 Hours-in-the-Cloud on-line event last year a 24 Hours-in-a-Private-Cloud on-line event is planned for April 26. The sessions will be pre-recorded by subject matter experts including Microsoft MVP’s and shown around the clock. This time some of the sessions will be language localized based upon time zone/location. As we get closer to the event more information will be available, how to register for the live event for example.

  • ISACA’s INSIGHTS 2012 – Where Business and IT Meet

    ISACA is the largest IT governance and security professionals organization with over 95,000 members around the world. Their annual World Congress is called INSIGHTS and is being held this year in San Francisco from 25 – 27 June. Stephen Ibaraki, GITCA Global Board Advisor, is an invited industry chairman and panel participant.

    INSIGHTS 2012 is a vibrant and dynamic event that is much different from a typical conference. Each day will commence with a keynote session that addresses thought-provoking topics at a strategic level. The opening-day keynote, “The Future Starts Today,” provides a fresh approach to understanding the three cornerstones of success:  innovation, collaboration and execution. On day 2, join executives from Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young and KPMG for “Keeping an Eye on Tomorrow,” where they will share their perspectives on the future of global business and impacts on today’s business leaders. On the third and final day, Robert Stroud [INSIGHT’s Chair] will be moderating a session on a topic that is on the minds of many global leaders: “The Risk of Failing to Innovate.” A distinctive panel of industry experts will take an in-depth look at the importance of innovation and the global impact if we do not innovate.

    Futurist Bob Treadway is back by popular demand as master of ceremonies and the closing keynoter. Treadway will synthesize the observations shared throughout the conference with his eye-opening, and perhaps controversial, discussion about the future of information technology and global business. In “What Will the Future Hold?”, Treadway will provide an update on his 2011 predictions and share new insights.

    In addition to these keynote sessions, INSIGHTS 2012 will feature executive panels, interview sessions and talk-show formats to address pressing business issues in an interactive environment where you can directly engage with industry luminaries.

    Digging into the most high-profile business issues, interview session topics include crisis management and the lessons learned from recent catastrophes, the impact of privacy, mobile devices, social media, work force issues and cloud computing, just to name a few.

    There are roundtable discussions, titled INSIGHTFUL Forums, where you can fire the questions that matter at industry leaders on current and future technology trends such as mobile workers, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), social media, talent management, cyber security and risk management, privacy vs. innovation, and many more.

    INSIGHTS hub, a meeting and collaboration place, is a unique and highly interactive spot to collaborate and network with your peers, industry leaders, new contacts and get to know industry thought leaders and relax.

    For more information on ISACA’s World Congress: INSIGHTS 2012, visit www.isaca.org/insights2012.

  • SQL Server 2012 and SharePoint Connections

    Kongresshaus, Berchtesgaden, May 8th-9th 2012

    SQL Server and SharePoint comes to the beautiful resort of Berchtesgaden

    Why you should attend

    SQL Server & SharePoint Connections speakers will share strategies on how you can

    successfully get the most out of your IT infrastructure. Delegates will walk away with tangible information to help them achieve their goals.

    36 sessions over 2 days

    Delivered by some of the industry’s top international speakers including Michael Noel,

    Margarita Naumova, Asif Rehmani, Klaus Aschenbrenner, Agnes Molnar, Charley Hanania,

    Wouter van Vugt and many more.

    This event will sell out, so register now to secure your place.


  • GITCA Volunteers in the News

    Michael Jenkin is the APAC Regional Chair and hails from Adelaide, Australia. Three years ago Michael and a partner started Business Technology Partners [see the ARN article]. Recently ARN reviewed the company’s progress and gave them a glowing report. Here are some of Michael’s tips for success:

    ·         Never undersell the value of good advice. Through the recommendation of a great accountant we ended up surrounding ourselves with some of the best minds in the financial fields and received great advice. Update your business plan at least every 6 months. See your financial advisor regularly and listen to them. Do what they say; they are the experts.

    ·         Plan your new venture 6 to 8 months ahead. BTP did and it paid off. This included cars, in-house server, logo, vendor relationships and so on. Be aware of the sacrifices that you are going to have to make.

    ·         Speak to your bank manager and fully understand all of the potential outcomes. Make sure that those around you are comfortable with decisions and support you.

    ·         Employ your staff carefully. Hire based upon experience and your own observations. Don’t just hire on credentials since people need to fit the social mix of the team. Infrastructure is easy to manage but people are unpredictable.

    Michael is also in the news for another reason. He has always been proud of his MS Small Business Server credentials and recently he was nominated as part of the 2012 SMB 150 Awards.

    GITCA would like to offer its congratulations to Michael for his success and of course thank him for his ongoing support of GITCA and the community.

  • Feature Member Organization

    Starting with this edition of the GITCA Global Journal we will be featuring one of GITCA’s member organizations on a regular basis. It could be your organization that is featured if you contact us and provide information about background, history, focus, events, training/education, certification, plans, etc..

    In this edition we are featuring The Institute for Certifying Computing Professionals [ICCP]. Like GITCA the ICCP is a consortium of member organizations and some of the notable ICCP members, such as the ACM, CIPS and AITP, are also members of GITCA.

    Offering a broadly applicable and internationally recognized certification program in the profession, the ICCP is seen as the standard bearer for all professionals in the information, communications and technology industry. Since its founding in 1973, the ICCP has dedicated itself to the establishment of high professional standards and the furthering of the goals of its parent societies.

    It’s sister organization the ICCP Education Foundation, offers important educational programs and services to computer professionals, educators, the computer industry, government and the general public. As the industry grows and changes rapidly, the ICCP explores and develops new examinations with business partners and sponsorship by leading organizations.

    Nearly 55,000 computing professionals have already earned the recognition and rewards gained from passing ICCP exams -- the most widely accepted means of professional certification in the industry. 30% of this membership holds Manager/Director/CIO/VP positions. 60% of this membership comes from companies with more than 1,000 employees.

  • Stephen Ibaraki Interviews of Prominent People in the Industry

    Brian Cameron – Professor and Executive Director Center for Enterprise Architecture, Founding President FEAPO

    Brian Cameron is founding President of FEAPO, the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations. In addition, Brian is Professor of Practice and Executive Director of the Enterprise Architecture Initiative in the College of Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University. Within the College of Information Sciences and Technology, he works with a wide portfolio of companies on a variety of consulting engagements, ranging from systems integration projects to enterprise architecture planning and design. Through his academic work, Cameron has consulted with organizations such as Avaya, AT&T Wireless, Raytheon, Accenture, Oracle, EMC Corp., NSA, U.S. Marine Corps, The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and many others.

    David Anderson - International Pioneering Top Authority in Agile, Lean, Kanban Methodology and CMMI

    David Anderson is a thought leader in managing highly effective knowledge work teams. He is CEO of David J. Anderson & Associates, based in Seattle, Washington, a management consulting firm dedicated to improving leadership in the IT and software development sectors.

    David has been part of the agile and lean methodology movement since 1997 when he participated in the team that developed Feature Driven Development at United Overseas Bank in Singapore. He has 26 years experience in the software development starting in the computer games business in the early 1980's. As a pioneer in the agile software movement David has managed teams at Sprint, Motorola and Corbis delivering superior productivity and quality. At Microsoft in 2005, he developed the MSF for CMMI Process Improvement methodology - the first agile method to provide a comprehensive mapping to the Capability and Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI).

    Daniel Leblond - Award-Winning Imagine Cup Top Student Researcher Carleton University

    Daniel Leblond is the team leader of one of Carleton University's entry teams in the Imagine Cup competition under the supervision of Professor Gabriel Wainer. Daniel is a 4th year Computer Systems Engineering (C.S.E.) student, with experience focusing in software development. His group's research topic focuses on providing services to community members to help take on some of the world's tougher challenges. He has experience in both the public and private sectors. He has been part of a team at Natural Resources Canada developing applications for the Shared Services Office (SSO) for the past two years, with prior experience in Waterloo, Ontario, working in the private sector. Daniel has accomplished many achievements in recent years, including being part of the Carleton University team in the 2011 IEEEXtreme competition, ranking 33rd worldwide with over 1500 teams competing. He also finished 1st place in the Carleton 2009 robotics competition and 1st place in the Carleton 2010 software challenge. He aims to further represent himself and Carleton in future software and hardware challenges in the following months including entering in the Imagine Cup competition.

  • Microsoft Benefits Offered Through GITCA

    In case you missed the email regarding Office 365 and future benefits from GITCA it is reproduced here.

    If you are an approved member of Microsoft’s User Group Support Services [UGSS] your group will have recently received an email with an offer for Office 365. Many of you have contacted us regarding the status of Microsoft benefits currently offered through GITCA. We would have been able to clarify the situation earlier had it not been for delays in the Office 365 announcement. The purpose of this email is to explain how current benefits offered through GITCA will be affected. If you are in any way unsure of your situation please email UGSS. Please do not contact us since we will only have to pass your questions on to UGSS creating unnecessary work for us and delay for you.

    · Those of you with WSS sites have very understandably been frustrated by the lack of correction of the problems. We can assure you that every effort has been made but it was quite simply not possible to restore the sites. Any data that was contained in those sites regrettably cannot be recovered. You weren’t the only ones affected. GITCA lost all of its operating data for the past 3 years in its intranet site and its internal working environment. Your way forward is via Office 365.

    · Those of you with SharePoint 2010 sites may be wondering what will happen now. The simple answer is that there will only be one SharePoint offering and that is via Office 365. Our understanding is that Microsoft is looking into how to transition the SP2010 sites to Office 365 SharePoint sites. If you have any questions around that please email UGSS.

    · Recently we have also been receiving questions about Live Meeting accounts. Our understanding is that current LM accounts will be honored through until the end of 2012 at which point they will be converted to Lync accounts. Again, if you have any questions about current LM accounts please email UGSS. Of course if you sign up for the Office 365 offer then you can get a Lync account anyway.

    · Those of you with BPOS accounts may also be wondering what happens now. It is our current understanding that it is highly unlikely that those accounts will be automatically upgraded to Office 365 and you will have to apply for a new Office 365 account. Emailing UGSS is again the place to go for answers.

    By now you may be wondering how this affects future Microsoft offerings from GITCA. The answer is very simple. The benefits mentioned above will no longer be available through GITCA.

    For those of you who are not members of UGSS you can find more information at the Office 365 registration site. Note: joining UGSS does not in any way affect your membership in GITCA.

    GITCA is looking into benefits that may be offered to our members in the future including free website hosting [more on that when our evaluation is complete]. If there are benefits that you would like to see and you think that GITCA might be able to help please email info@GITCA.org.

    The information contained here is correct to the best of our knowledge.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why when I request event funding from UGSS am I refused because I am not a member of GITCA when in fact my UG is a member?
    A: You must make sure that the affiliation to GITCA check-box is checked in the profile of the UG on UGSS. This can be done by editing the profile of the UG(s) associated with a UG Leader via the My DashBoard tab.

    Q: When will the next UG kits be available?
    A: No UG kits delivered via UGSS are planned for the immediate future. Microsoft subsidiaries may provide UG kits at their option. For example, the Microsoft US subsidiary supplies UG kits on a quarterly basis.

    Q: How can I find out about how to use UGSS?
    A: The following link will help describe how to use UGSS - http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/how-to-use-user-group-support-services.aspx

    Q: How come I receive communications from GITCA but not from UGSS?
    A: GITCA and UGSS are two totally different independent organizations with two different databases of members. GITCA is associated with UGSS through the requests for event funding as mentioned above. You currently must join UGSS in order to receive event funding and also be a member of GITCA.